About County of Lamont Food Bank

We are a community agency run by volunteers.   We started over 30 years ago as a Christmas Hamper Committee and since 2012 have operated as a year-round service to any resident of Lamont County who is in need of food.  We are a member of the Alberta Food Banks and work with other agencies to serve all of Lamont County. 

Our Vision: working together to create a hunger-free community.

Our Mission: providing access to sufficient, nutritious food in Lamont County in a caring, confidential and non-judgmental way.

Our Values:
  • We treat everyone with compassion, dignity and understanding. 
  • Safety in our operations is paramount. 
  • Our clients deserve the most nutritious food we are able to provide.
  • The best way to address food insecurity is working in partnership with organizations and individuals in Lamont County.
  • We value our volunteers and their diverse talents, backgrounds, passion and commitment to the community.
  • We value the wise use of resources and effectively using community support that sustains our work.
  • We value nutrition education and advocacy programs that lead toward self-sufficiency and sustainable food systems.
The Food Bank 's funding comes entirely from generous people and companies in Lamont County.  Beyond expenses for food purchases, our expenses are minimal.  We have no paid staff and rely on volunteers to take food hamper requests and to prepare and hand out hampers every Thursday.


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